Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Making it Real

The Three Persons are real. That doesn't mean it isn't laughably easy to completely ignore them, to your detriment.

The spiritual practice I advocate (but have not followed this past week) requires that one practice every day. Practice is engagement with all three Persons.

Having resisted the idea from the beginning, I now strongly advocate literally putting knees to the floor and talking with God three times a day. Think you have nothing to say? Go over your goals for the day in the morning, make sure you're on track at midday, review at bedtime (feel thankful for what has been accomplished, note shortcomings as you make positive plans to overcome them). And if something more important comes up, you will be there, in the head office, with your chief advisor.

Feed your Muse by practicing your craft, sport, skill, or field of study every single day. If you don't enjoy it, you're doing something wrong or you're doing the wrong thing. Do the right thing.

Practice resisting temptation daily. Determine the biggest negative impulses you are currently facing, and keep a deliberate record of every time you give in or resist. Just stopping to decide which way you're going to have to mark it in that record is a huge first step toward regaining control of your Dragon.
What is happiness? 
The feeling that power is growing, 
that resistance is overcome.

Yeah, I know. But when the man was right, he was right, and this sort of practice is exactly what he was right about. You know it's true.

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