Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tomorrow Is Not The Day
(Today Is The Day 3.)

I'm going to be harsh and unfair now, and assume you're like me. You've got the idea of how to implement Today Is The Day, and you're planning on doing it real soon. Just going to celebrate tonight first with a big meal, a bottle, and whatever else might not require thought of any kind. Because you're still seeing Today Is The Day in terms of big effort and big sacrifice forever, and you say, sure, I'll commit to that, but first one more day of doing what gives me pleasure.

Doesn't this seem awfully familiar? This Last Fling Feast has preceded every diet and New Year's Resolution regimen you've essayed for years, many of which have never gotten any further than the feast itself.

Today Is The Day is not a crash diet and war-footing five-year-plan. It is living one day just as you have claimed you dream of doing. Enjoying your meals, enjoying a little light exercise, enjoying a work project of your own choosing. Do not put it off until tomorrow. If you find out that going even one day without goofing off and over-indulging is beyond your capacity--well, you might as well know that now. But if you find that--what do you know?--the life you always dreamed of isn't half bad, then you've taken the first step to living it day after day after day.

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